Privacy on

It’s simple: I do not collect any personal data on this website.

Logs are anonymized and I do not use cookies or any other form of tracking. You cannot create a profile, register, login or comment. I also do not send request data to third parties, i.e., I do not use any third party services (like analytics, captchas, contact forms, font APIs, or similar stuff).

If you have any idea or suggestion on howto further improve privacy on, or have any questions on privacy at this website, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you send me an email, I will only use it to answer your request and delete it as soon as our conversation is over.

Monetization information (How does this website make money?)

It does not. On the contrary, I pay server fees for it. That’s fine.

This is a personal photo blog which serves to showcase some photos I took –  that’s it. You cannot buy them, I don’t sell anything. I also do not make any money in any other way with this website (i.e., I do not have ads here, I do not place affiliate links to third parties, etc). I am also not a professional photographer, and this website is not an advertisement for my services: I do not offer any.

I hope you enjoy the photos.